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Ken Reeves shares informative insights to help you reach your retirement goals.

What is a separately managed account?

Similar to ETFs or mutual funds, a separately managed account (SMA) is a portfolio of securities in which a person may invest. However, unlike mutual funds or ETFs, when you invest in an SMA, you own the securities inside your portfolio. This means SMA owners have more flexibility in the investment and management of the funds. SMA investors can also monitor trades in real time.


Will increased taxes impact your retirement?

The so-called “theory of decreasing responsibility” says that although many seniors will have decreased income levels when they retire, they will also have fewer expenses and lower taxes. I call baloney on both these ideas.


What fundamentals of Social Security should you know if you plan on retiring in the next few years?

“As highlighted by a recent Nationwide Retirement Institute poll, most Americans are woefully lacking in basic Social Security knowledge. This education gap can result in mistakes that will impact your entire life.”- Ken Reeves.


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