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Financial Advisor Ken Reeves.

Meet Your Guide

Ken Reeves, RFC, CAS, CSS, CTS

Founder & President

“When I assist someone in creating a retirement plan, I’m not just crunching numbers; I’m helping shape the future of their dreams and securing their family’s well-being.”

Growing up, Ken witnessed many family members experience anxiety over their financial futures, particularly as they neared retirement. Seeing the impact his father, an insurance salesman for New York Life, had on the lives of his clients drove home the importance of early planning and having a sound financial strategy. Inspired by his father’s tireless efforts to bring about positive change in the lives of others, Ken eventually joined the industry as well. By specializing in retirement planning, he combines his passion for finance with his desire to guide individuals toward a future where they can confidently retire without fear of running out of money.

Malinda Reeves, chief operations officer

Malinda Reeves

Chief Operations Officer

Angie Lawler, assistant

Angie Lawler


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